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We will gladly accept Checks or Money Orders, Payable to John Leynes, by US Mail.

Simply mail your written order clearly & correctly specifying Product Numbers and Quantities to:

Florida Railroad Company - 1360 Wedgewood Rd. - Saint Johns, FL. 32259

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Product Image Description Product Number Price

The Official Florida Railroad Company Hat.

Fully Embroidered with Detailed Stitching

More than just another nice hat, it is a Historic Recreation of the company seal of the original Florida Railroad from 1853.

Obtained from the original articles of incorporation signed in 1853 by David Levy Yulee, and recreated by the talented Railroad Historian, and Graphics Artist John A. Leynes for exclusive use by the new Florida Railroad Company. Your purchase will be the first product to ever bear the Official Seal of The Florida Railroad Company. The logo design is copyrighted.

Own and wear a piece of Florida's Railroading History!

We will ship from available stock. Please allow up to four (4) weeks if not in stock.


All hats are Dark Green and Gold, the official colors of the Florida Railroad Company.

Style may vary between a 5 or 6 panel hat.

The 5 panel is considered the "old timers" style. while the 6 panel is the newer ball cap style.

If you have a preference, please specify.


Per Hat.

We pay the shipping, handling and Florida sales tax.

3D paper anaglyph glasses. Used to view 3D stereo pictures on the Florida Railroad Company website and many other sites. Search for "anaglyphs" and you'll stay busy for weeks looking at all of the 3D pictures on the Internet!

3DGLASS01 $1.50


 We pay the shipping, handling & Florida tax.


The Florida Railroad Company is proud to offer the "Motorcars on the Kinghorn" DVD. The last ride on the CN Kinghorn subdivision which is being abandoned. A one of a kind, once in a lifetime video. Three months in production, the DVD is packed full, 89 minutes total! This is a "must have" addition to any rail fans collection! It features a 50 minute main feature of high rail action and breath-taking Canadian scenery in Northern Ontario. It covers 190 miles from Longlac to near Thunder Bay, including 7 bonus video's and a 3D slide show, with a pair of 3D glasses. Nine menu pages navigate the twelve total video selections. Own and relive a real piece of the CN and Canada's railroad history, order your copy today!

Creatively, thoughtfully and skillfully produced specifically for railfans! 


Over 60 copies sold as of July 2006.

The reviews and feedback we have received are top rated ! 


We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax.


Northeast Florida Live Steamers & Railroaders 2006 Winter Meet, on the West Tocoi & Bostwick Railroad. Length 80 minutes. Lots of action, and informative interviews. It highlights the club & facilities at their best. Professional production, carefully planned with genuine interest and RR knowledge.

Wide 16:9 screen format.




DVDWTB01 $15.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax.


The first DVD in our series of Remembering Railroads-TM videos. These videos are planned to be interviews with people who have worked for the various railroads in the United States. It is an effort intended to preserve the history of railroading through the recounting of life stories.

This video is an interview with my Uncle Alva Gillean who worked for the Railway Mail Service. His career included service on the Georgia Southern & Florida, Seaboard and Atlantic Coast Line Railroads. Much of it on the Val & Pal route, between Valdosta Ga. and Palatka Fl.

The video is approximately 45 minutes in length.


DVDRRS01 $15.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax. 

The Florida Railroad Company presents the second in our
"Remembering Railroads Series" "TM". Pullman Porters.

W. F. "Bill" Howes Jr., held executive positions with the
Baltimore & Ohio, Chesapeake & Ohio Railroads, and CSX Transportation, as well as serving on the board of directors of the Pullman company.
Teddy Washington is a talented and widely recognized
Jacksonville success story and celebrity. Teddy told me of his father having been a Pullman Porter.  The results in the Georgia 300 yielded an enlightening, informative and entertaining presentation about railroads, music, friends, trends and the contributions of the Pullman Porters. 50 Minutes.


DVDRRS02 $15.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax. 


This video was inspired by the event of the Jacksonville
Follies Awards Show of 2006. 
During the research for the songs to be included in the
show, I became aware of the fact that Mr. Rosie Hilton,
a long time fiddle player in North Florida, performed with
Ervin Rouse, the composer of the song.
I contacted the Hiltons and set up a video taping to talk
about their family and Rosie's remembrances about the
song. The result was a very interesting discussion and
playing of some fiddle songs including the Orange Blossom

Playing Time 40 Minutes

Widescreen 16:9 Format


DVDOBS01 $15.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax. 



Mr. Mueller has been researching Florida's history of steamboats for fifty years.
His book First Coast Steamboat Days, published in 2005, is the definitive work on
St. Johns River Steamboats. This DVD video and slide show are the result of his
desire to have a condensed form of his work that can be more widely distributed and
enjoyed by a larger number of people thereby promoting the history of maritime
services provided by steam powered vessels. Contains a 7 minute video interview with Ed Mueller, 75 slides,
voice narration and steamboat whistle recordings.
Total playing time: 50 minutes.

Widescreen 16:9 Format


DVDSJR01 $15.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax. 


The Welaka Maritime Museum is a truly unique collection of boats, machinery and other maritime artifacts. Owner Richard Speas narrates and guides the tour through his facility near the shores of the St. Johns river in Putnam county Florida. He has pioneered and mastered a boat building technique that is unequaled in the industry. From finding and restoring vintage engines and long forgotten boats to completely new and unique hull designs, the tour of this museum is unforgettable.

Total playing time: 50 minutes.

Widescreen 16:9 Format


DVDWMM01 $15.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax. 


Our first audio book on CD-ROM.

 Version 1.1 of the story of the Florida Railroad, Florida's first major railroad. Built just prior to the Civil War, and enduring essentially in the route line until 1932.  Narrated by John A. Leynes, the majority of this version is voice narration of the text from the Southeast Chapter of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society.

The "Official" version of the Florida Railroad Company.




We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax. 


USS Indianapolis survivor William H. Sharp of Jacksonville Florida and I, have produced a DVD presentation of his story. The DVD is a two disk set. Disk one is of a talk that William gave at a men's church group meeting and is 45 minutes in length. Disk two is 58 minutes in length and includes a follow up discussion of additional questions and answers video taped a few weeks after the initial talk. Disk two also includes a ten minute segment of yet additional facts and figures covering some approximate distance calculations, pictures of the atomic bomb replicas and other related material. We believe the video we have produced is an accurate representation of the USS Indianapolis story, as recounted by an actual survivor. It is a useful medium for preserving and promoting the story of the USS Indianapolis and her crew, as well as US Naval and WWII history.



The USS Indianapolis was the ship that delivered the first atomic bomb to Tinian Island in the Pacific. They were then sent on to the Philippines to prepare for the invasion of Japan. The ship was sunk underweigh  and of 1200 men on the ship only 315 men were rescued from the shark infested waters five days later. A true and chilling story. 


We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax.



Triumph Over Chaos

A short story of Calvin Newborn.

A synopsis of the incredible story of the life of one of the most talented and controversial, Blues & Jazz guitarist in America. Calvin Newborn is a true guitar legend and master. Video taped in Jacksonville Florida March 2006. The video is a "screen play" written by Calvin himself. It contains dialogue with another actor, and has background music performed by Calvin. The video is approximately 20 minutes in length. This is not a musical performance video. 

DVDCAL01 $15.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax. 

CLEMORIES - Clem A. Boatright Sr's. 80th Birthday Celebration

June7th 2003 Jacksonville Florida Hendricks Ave. Baptist Church.

This video is of a true music master. Instead of taking a position at the New York Metropolitan Opera, he instead chose a career in choral music and touched countless thousands of lives. Many of them in Jacksonville Fl. The video includes the surprise party and professional and family tributes with slide show. Highlight is the performance we gave him of two of his favorite songs, "God so loved the world", and "Set down servant". Many of his devoted friends and followers were present to give tribute to this talented and gentle man.


DVDCAB01 $10.00

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax.


Sergeant John A. Leynes Sr., my father, was a buck sergeant in the United States Army "Mighty 8th" Air Force during WWII. He was assigned to the 4185th AAF Base Unit, Air Material Command in Independence, Indiana. He was stationed at AAF Station 376, the repair airfield adjoining AAF Station 505, 3rd Strategic Air Depot at Neaton/Griston in England. My father was born and raised, as we say, in Archer Florida. This video slide show is of the pictures that he acquired while in England. Most of the pictures are of the B-24 bombers that they repaired. There are pictures of other planes, including crashed German planes, nose art, crew photo's and others. More detail will be provided here when this work is completed.


DVDJAL01 $00.00

Price not set.

DVD is in production at this time.

We pay the shipping and Florida sales ta


As a matter of chance, I happened to be in Hendersonville NC when the Ashville chapter of the NRHS sponsored an excursion run on Norfolk Southern track with the 611. I managed to get tickets for the Sunday excursion that ran from Ashville, down the Saluda grade to Spartanburg SC and back. The video includes some good footage of the 611 in action, and plenty of beautiful fall scenery. This turned out to be the last passenger excursion before the 611 was sadly, placed in the museum in Roanoke Va.


DVD61101 $00.00

Price not set.

DVD is planned for production at this time.

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax


MIXED CONSISTS SERIES We are planning a series of just miscellaneous video segments of railroad action from around the North Florida area. The first will be a collection of video and perhaps still photography that I have taken in and around Jacksonville over the years, starting from the 1970's.

One or more of the series will most likely include video taken at the Folkston funnel.


DVDMCS01 $00.00

Price not set.

DVD is planned for production at this time.

We pay the shipping and Florida sales tax.


We are planning and preparing work on many more different projects, of all types. Check here occasionally for updates.