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FRR TOPS Project

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The Florida Railroad Company Telegraph Operators Project - Planning Information

Event General Description:

A North & Central Florida Annual Event encompassing cities within a 155 mile corridor

from Fernandina Beach to Cedar Key, and other cities along and near the corridor.

Preliminary Outline for June 2, 3, & 4, 2006:

(1) Contact persons qualified in two skill categories, Morse Code Telegraph Keying & Amateur Radio.

       * Telegraph key operators to send and receive messages with vintage keys and sounders.

       * Amateur radio operators to set up transmitters, receivers and antennas to carry telegraph messages.

       * Establish interface between transceivers and telegraph keys and sounders.

(2) Enlist qualified members in the Florida Railroad Company Telegraph Operators Project group.

(3) Project membership with Florida Railroad Company is $10.00 per person.

(4) Select project leader / liaison to Florida Railroad Company for both skill categories.

(5) Publicize event information to Morse Code and Amateur Radio groups as soon as possible.

(6) Schedule at least one practice session to complete by first week of May 2006.

(7) Participate in all cities during main event weekend.

(8) Create schedule and sign up roster for the 2007 year event participants.