The Florida Railroad Company - Model Railroad Project

The Florida Railroad Company is seeking model railroaders, model railroad clubs, and Hobby Shop sponsors that are interested in beginning a multi year project to construct an operating model of the old Florida Railroad.

The layout is to model as closely as possible, the original route of the Florida Railroad from Fernandina Beach to Cedar Key Florida, as it existed upon its first completion to Cedar Key in the mid 1800's. At this time, the concept is envisioned to be implemented in HO scale.

A key feature of this layout will be that it is to be constructed in modules, by different groups, in different locations, by standards to be determined, in order that the entire layout may be assembled at least once a year in conjunction with the Yulee Railroad Days project that is now underway. The layout is planned to be assembled and displayed, with a small admission charge, in one of the cities along the original route, each year during the Yulee Railroad Days celebration.

This project will provide a powerful impetus for modelers and artists of all specialties related to model railroading. Statewide and even Nationwide exposure is expected to be achieved. It is planned to give full and public credit to all who participate and contribute their work to the Florida Railroad Model Project. The project and participants will likely become a permanent part of Florida's History!

Contacts will be provided soon for information concerning this project. Project coordinators for each of the specialties and sections will be selected based on recommendations and qualifications submitted to this company. Check this site occasionally for updates and progress of the project.

Send Model Project Questions and Suggestions to:

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